Monuments Of Delhi

Kya bood-o-bash poochho ho poorab ke sakeeno, humein gareeb jaan ke, hass hass pukaar ke,
Dilli jo ek sheher thha, aalam mein intekhaab, rehte thhe jahan muntakhib hi rozgaar ke,
jisko falak ne loot ke veeraan kiya, hum rehne waale hain uss ujre dyaar ke
- Mir Taqi Mir
Delhi is the largest metropolis of India and eighth largest of the World. It started as Indrapatta (aka Indraprastha), a small settlement by Pandavas within the Khandva Forest near river Yamuna around 800 BC. Later in 736 AD, Tomar kings established a new city named Lal Kot not far from this historic land. Since then, 100+ rulers from 15 dynasties tried to change the face and fate of Delhi and established 9 cities adjacent to each other. This website talks about over 1300 monuments, which still exist within the boundaries of these historic cities namely IndraprasthaLal Kot & Qila Rai PithoraDar-Ul-khilafat (aka Siri), Tughlaqabad, Jahanpanah, Ferozabad, Deenpanah and Shergarh, Shahjahanabad and the Lutyen’s Delhi.

Delhi consists of 3 World Heritage Sites, 174 National Protected Monuments and over hundreds of state protected monuments and several unprotected and lesser known monuments. While the government agencies and several NGOs do their part in restoring these forgotten masterpieces of architecture to their original glory, we have taken the responsibility to introduce them to the world, so they are no longer ignored and lost in time. Monuments-Of-Delhi is not just about few dozen old buildings, it is about several ancient mosques, baolis, havelis, walls, gateways, forts, gardens and roads, decorating Delhi, the capital of India.

What to expect from this site... This site is a part of a long on-going process of identifying monuments and writing about them. The work started in December 2009 and might take several years to complete. You might find some incomplete content and we request you to contribute freely to complete it.

The Heritage Photography Club

In order to promote the rich heritage of Delhi, we started a Hobby Club, dedicated to awareness of our forgotten heritage by the medium of Photography. In very less time, the group gained popularity over Facebook and is now one of the fastest growing and most active online clubs. Check out the activities of The Heritage Photography Club (formerly Delhi Heritage Photography Club on Facebook.