Adam Khan's Tomb

Monument Type: Tomb
NameAdam Khan's Tomb
Alternate NameBhool Bhulaiyya
Built ByMohd. Jalaluddin Akbar
Built In1561
LocationNear Bus Depot
Mehrauli, Delhi
Is TicketedNo
TimingsSunrise - Sunset
Coordinates28.5230114578699, 77.18190271797175
Adam Khan’s Tomb lies behind the Qutub Complex and falls within the Lal Kot. Here lies the foster brother of Akbar along with his mother, the wet nurse of Akbar, Maham Anga. He was thrown from Red Fort (Agra) by Akbar as he killed Ataga Khan, husband of Ji Ji Anga, Akbar’s another wet nurse.

How to reach Adam Khan's Tomb

Go straight from Qutub Minar towards interior Mehrauli and before entering Mehrauli, towards your left is the Mehrauli Bus Depot and on the right side, stands this tomb

Location of Adam Khan's Tomb