Baoli, Kotla Feroz Shah

Monument Type: BaoliDam
NameBaoli, Kotla Feroz Shah
ComplexKotla Feroz Shah
Kotla Feroz Shah, Delhi
Is TicketedYes
TimingsSunrise - Sunset
Coordinates28.6359831503379, 77.24471737089152
Built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq of the Tughlaq dynasty, this is the only circular baoli in Delhi. It measures 33 metres in diameter on the outside and the water tank seems to be around 9 metres making it the largest baoli (area-wise) in Delhi. It was covered from top and has chambers along the walls. There were two turrets on top, thus making it a unique design.

How to reach Baoli, Kotla Feroz Shah

The fort is behind Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, and Baoli is situated in front of the pyramidal structure inside the fort.

Location of Baoli, Kotla Feroz Shah